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Many types!

In trying to compile a roster of the aircraft types at AMARC you run into a small problem; the list of aircraft types is pretty much every type ever flown by the Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy. There are I suppose a few aircraft types that didn't get here, but in general there are probably one or more of every serving aircraft type since the late 1950's. Now, this does not mean to say that you can actually 'find' them at the airbase. The airbase is BIG and the pans that the aircraft are parked on are extensive and crowded. While more or less flat, the airbase has some slight undulations handily limiting your sight line. With that said here is a very rough map and some idea of what you might get to see.

Remember, there are no promises.

A sketchy map

rough map of AMARC

Key to little numbered red dots...

  1. Various recent arrivals
  2. Often fighters
  3. Area used to check and refurbish aircraft
  4. Various older types
  5. B-52's, UH-1's and other larger types

This map was cooked up from looking at the satellite images of the place, visits and reference to other maps

Locations of aircraft vary over time, the only people to say for sure what is where are the AMARC people, but there has been some consistency over the years in the following:

Area marked as 1

This has included the C-141's, C-130's and other large transports as well as a large number of naval service aircraft. These latter have included P-3 Orions and A-6's.

Area marked as 2

This seems to have been given over to the latest fighter arrivals. Seen here are generally F-4's, F-16's, F-14's, some F-15's, and A-10's. Mixed in this brew are also some EA-6's (including on one occasion a relatively rare EA-6A), I have seen F-104's, F-106's, and other older marks here, too.

Area marked as 3

This area is hard to see, except from inside the base. The sheds offer cover from the Arizona sunshine so that crews can work on cycling aircraft through periodic maintenance and engine startups. This is where the EF-111A's were in evidence on the last visit. Types transition through this rapidly. It would be a good place to see aircraft that are being put back in service (QF drones, F-16's being sold to other countries, etc).

Area marked as 4

There is just a jumble of stuff here. From the road you just see a mess of aircraft, arranged in what looks like a rather uncontrolled manner. Some new types are here, but by-and-large the older aircraft are seen here. This is where the RB-57's were lined up.

Area marked as 5

Talk about hard to see! If you are a Russian and viewing from a spy sat its a scoosh, but for humble peasants its really only by the bus tour that you get to see the B-52 graveyard. Also in this area are UH-1's in abundance, C-135's and Boeing 707's, and the tool sets that were used to build the B-1 and B-2 bombers.

A List

As I have said, a list of all types that might be found here can only be compiled by AMARC personnel, they are the only people that know what they have. However, some of the kit can be generalized.

Type Type Type
F-4 F-5 F-8
F-14 F-15 F-16
F-100 F-101 F-102
F-104 F-105 F-106
F-111 EF-111  
A-1 A-4 A-6
EA-6 A-7 AV-8
B-52 B-57 RB-57
P-2 P-3  
C-2 C-3 C-130
C-135 C-141 YC-14
SR-71 M-10 (drone)  
UH-1 AH-1 CH-53
OV-1 OV-10  
T-2 T-38  
Titan Minuteman II & III  

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