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The 94th 

Times change, people and places move on. The 94th Bomber is no longer with us. For a time the concrete pad remained where the buildings had been, but I think even that has now gone. You can't eat here no more. So what is below is just nostalgia. 3/2008

I'm pretty sure this restaurant is part of a chain, but the owner still makes the difference. Situated at the side of Caldwell airport in New Jersey, it has been the site of several warbirds meetings over the years. These photo's are from just a few of those meetings. The Restaurant is also just a good place to eat.

The Bomber


Getting started, ready to depart

Standing quietly, made up in Memphis Belle plummage

Belly gunner turret

On Display

Nose Art

Just For Contrast: The Real Memphis Belle

Under a tent, on Mud Island, Memphis, Tennesse, the real Memphis Belle slowly deteriorates.


A B-24 Liberator taxi's out.

P-51 Mustang

Tied down for the evening. Don't want no one taking that prop!

It may not be the cleanest, but it is flyable