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Pima Air & Space Museum 

The Pima Aircraft Museum is to the south of Tucson, on the lower edge of the Davis-Monthan airforce base. It is in an enviable position, probably owning the finest collection of post WWII US military hardware anywhere (possible exception would be the Wright-Patterson collection).

Many of the aircraft have been rescued from the scrap yards. Many of the aircraft are unique.

These images cannot be used for commercial purposes, that is just part of the rules of the museum. Please observe.

The Pima Aircraft Museum is part of a unique collection of museums, that includes a Titan missile base, in Green Valley, Arizona. A visit well worth the effort, its chilling.

An AMARC visit from the Pima Museum.



A special aircraft, this Buff carried up the X-15s to their record breaking flights

B-51 Hustler

The first Mach 2 bomber.

F-101 Voodoo

Sometimes you just take photo's of certain aircraft because they are just good to look at. The Voodoo has always impressed me with its lines. It must also have impressed enemy bomber crews with its Genie, atomic bomb tipped, air-to-air (unguided) rocket.


An outgrowth of the F-100 Super Sabre, this sightly odd looking bird was rejected by the airforce. They chose to go with the F-4. Thank goodness!

Century Series

The whole Century series in a line. This is the only place I know this can be seen, at least life sized and in metal

Lockheed Constellation

One of the prettiest airlines ever built. The airforce used them as troop carriers, in flight refuelers, and airborne radars, right up to being replaced by the AWACS.


Another of those aircraft whose number I cannot get right, though I have been informed that this is an F9F-5. A Grumman F9F-5 Panther. This is the straight winged veteran of the Korean war. It was replaced by a swept wing variant called the F9F-8 Cougar. A stunningly pretty aircraft, with fine lines. They just don't build them this way anymore! To prove the point, take one look at Boeings JSF contender.)


F4D Skyray. This is the bat winged navy fighter. It enjoyed a reasonable, if short, career as a navy fighter.