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RAF: 70's Aircraft 

Finingley '77. The Queens Review.

Formation of Victor's, Canberra's, Phantoms and Lightnings.

Leading Victor and Lightnings.

Shackelton, Anti submarine at the time.

Canberra target tow

Waddington '77. Just odd days there

Touch and Goes were popular. Looks like XM605 in 101 squadron markings

More Touch and Goes

Coningsby '77

Buccaneer looking damp and unhappy with folded wings

Waddington '78

Drogue shoot deployed, this Vulcan is slowing down the fancy way

Lightnings business end. Note Redtop missiles

Vulcan at rest

Buccaneer, in 1978 this one was festooned with ALQ-119 pod, laser guided Paveway bomb and other neat toys. A sign of things to come