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Wander the new! searchable photo gallery.

This is a photo gallery containing photo's taken by each of us.

The images are in zillions of colours and all about 800x600 pixels, which is well off their best but it should fit with the disk space we have here, unfortunately each file size seems to be 50Kb or above, so please be patient.

This is a header page, below are 'thumpnails' that can be clicked to reach the real picture. Some browsers will give flyover information about the images and the file size.

See also, the Aviation Photos.

Out and About.


San Fransisco [42Kb] Golden Gate Bridge [37Kb] Las Vegas, NM [44Kb] Old Car, Pittsburgh, PA [40Kb]
The Bonneville Salt Flats By Interstate [18Kb] Petrified Forest, AZ [43Kb] Petrified Forest, AZ [42Kb] Restaurant [42Kb]
Royal Motel, Las Cruesos, NM [36Kb] Porch, NJ [43Kb] Wedding musical trio, NY [42Kb] Beach House, LI, NY [42Kb] House, VA [38Kb] Palmetto, Savannah, GA [43Kb] AP Building, NYC [50Kb] Limit: 24mph. Pinehurst, NC [25Kb]
  Wind and Shellac. Monument Valley, Arizona [24Kb]   Sky Scape, Canyon De Chelly, Arizona [29Kb]  
Sky Scape. Monument Valley, Arizona [20Kb] Sandstone patterns. Monument Valley, Arizona [29Kb] Indian ruins in the Canyon De Chelly. Arizona [23Kb] Navajo Bridge, near Page, Arizona [27Kb]
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