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Motorcycle Corner

A corner of the Watchung Reservation

A small crowd of Motorcyclists

On most evenings, once the clocks change to summer time, or one fine weekend days during the winter, a small group informally meets on the big loop at the Reservation. On the North Western corner of the big loop You might find no one... or a small fleet of motorcycles and riders. Generally well behaved, with the exception of Wheelie King Eddie - and you know who you are, this varied group of people will chat the evenings away talking of motorcycles, politics, the best beer, or even the weather. The range of bikes varies from old to new, Harley to Honda, American to Italian, German, British and Japanese. There are customs and sport bikes. There are professionals and blue collar laborers. There are even some comedians. Real comedians!



For the most part this is an older group of miscreants, younger people drop by from time to time. The nature of the company, not being at all formal, means that anyone stopping by is instantly a member of this august body.

People have knowledge of bikes, be they Harleys or Triumphs, or BSA'a or Victory's or BMW's. People know people that can sell you parts. People know people that can machine the parts that are unobtainable anymore. People know places to ride. People know places to go to be seen.

Helmets off

On any warm weekend, or a summers evening, all manner of people and machines congregate in the Reservation. From very young folk on mopeds, to young people on the latest japanese sports bikes, to older and no more wise people riding anything with two or three wheels, a group of 5 to 20 people can be seen almost anytime.

High bars

Not all the bikes are sparkling, not all the riders are either, but now and again some bring beautifully restored and cared for machines out for a little ride and a chin wag. Be they Harleys from the 50's, Triumphs for the 60's, or BMW's from the 70's, each machine and rider has stories to tell of the trials and tribulations of getting their mount fettled and working.


Don's BSA
Harley Chrome
62 Harley Sportster
A star like Heineken only spelt, Triumph (05)
Checking things out
Black cruiser
Lounging around
Relaxed chat on the bench
H-D Road King, nostalgia
Custon Chopper, avec huge rear tyre

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